The Counselling Zone

I've been working as a counsellor in Plymouth, Devon since the 1980's. I became a counsellor because I've been through quite a lot of difficult stuff myself. Having coping strategies to use when things get tough has saved me. Looking for solutions and not problems, is what helps me to thrive.

I use a range of therapies to suit the client (Motivational Interviewing, Transactional Analysis, CBT, Person Centred and Solution Focussed BRIEF therapy). I help clients reflect on and appraise their situation on a profound level, in the very first session and the effects can be powerful and enlightening. BRIEF therapy is a clean, direct and authentic understanding of self and the issues being dealt with. I help clients to quickly identify what their real needs are and the potential resources they could use to meet them. The real work goes on outside the counselling room. I may only see a client 3 or 4 times but these sessions are powerful and can be spread over many months.

What's so different about Solution Focussed BRIEF counselling?
Once an initial assessment is complete, we don't talk about problems again, just solutions. Sessions are scheduled when YOU need them, after you've had time to learn, use and reflect on the tools and coping strategies provided.

Will BRIEF work for everyone?
No. It isn't for everyone. Men find it very useful, as do those who have been through lots of counselling before only to arrive in the same place. If
you're ready to move on so you can reach your potential sooner, rather than later, then BRIEF is for you.

The Counselling Zone is based in the Barbican Therapy Centre, in Plymouth. It's a charming listed building in Stokes Lane. It's clean, modern, cool and importantly very

I am a full Member of the British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy with an Accredited Certificate of Proficiency. Use ‘
How I work’ and ‘How to book’ to guide you and help you make a start. This is how I change lives - one client at a time.