The Counselling Zone

As a counsellor and as an individual, having to disclose personal information feels uncomfortable. I'm quite a private person. However, I do feel that if I'm to help you come to terms with the problems you're struggling with, then it's important you have some insight into the kind of person you'll be sharing your problems with.

I have been counselling on and off for over ten years but I believe my experience of 'real life' is as important, if not more important. My personal history and experiences have given me the insight to understand how mean it can be on the streets out there - and the streets that lead to the board room of a large corporation can be as hairy and scary as the alleys that drive a desperate man to a drug den. I have insights into all these worlds and a few of the many in between. With first hand experience covering the
world of business, health, education, the care system, drug use, race politics, abuse, victimisation and employment issues, I think I'm well equipped as a 'listener' and counsellor, as I have intuitive knowledge of the many systems and cultures we operate in - and the pressures these throw up.

So here is a brief summary of who I am and the kind of work I enjoy doing - counselling.

My Personal Background

Raised in care, at 18 years of age, I was released to the world to survive and thrive on my own. Unsurprisingly, there were plenty of opportunities for me to fall, fail and flounder and I did. I got stuck and I got lost and I struggled on blindly, for nearly ten years, trying to make sense of a world I couldn’t engage with.

Struggle without resolution eventually takes chunks out of your soul. Your dreams shrink to nothing. Luckily for me this process was terminated when I came to recognise and accept an offer of support that I so badly needed. Only then was I able to turn my life around.

I believe at the heart of every good counselling relationship, there is a kind of love - a non judgemental, authentic and empathic love of life, humanity and a shared belief in our capacity for change and progress. This is why I choose to do this work - because I know how it works and how well it can work. It's amazing how much potential there is within us all - for change.

My Counselling Background - Counselling

Fifteen years ago I worked as a counsellor for the Rape Crisis Centre and before that, the Samaritans. Since then I’ve counselled both victims and perpetrators of abuse. I’ve counselled young people across the South West of England and I currently work within the NHS, taking referrals from GP practices across the region.

I work with anyone who needs a confidential space to talk about their problems. I work with anyone who feels they have a mountain to climb in order to improve their lives and move on to better things. My clients struggle with relationship problems, with anger, with anxiety, depression and guilt. As an ex recreational drug taker, I’m interested in working with people who have problems with substance abuse. As a black counsellor, I’m keen to work with anyone struggling with cultural isolation, racism and identity issues. And finally, as a writer, I am keen to develop creative solutions my clients can use for support, encouragement and simply to help them cope.